Petition - No Sanctuary State for ME

Fellow citizens of Maine,

Around the country and even here in our home State of Maine, the very essence of our citizenship is being chipped away at by globalist politicians and the special interests that profit from human trafficking and cheap labor.

In only the past few weeks we have seen even the discussion of immigration status systematically shut down and attacked, the promotion of non-citizen voting in order to undermine Maine elections, a bill introduced to expand lucrative welfare benefits for illegals, refugees, and asylum seekers, and now LD 1589 making our home a "sanctuary state."

If we are to protect our way of life which includes the rule of law and ensuring that our resources are saved for our most vulnerable fellow Mainers, we must stop this dangerous bill in its track. This is why I'm counting on you to SIGN your "No Sanctuary State for ME" petition with me!

We will deliver your petition to your lawmakers at our expense before any votes to endanger Maine families and undermine your citizenship with sanctuary state laws take place.

Stopping bad laws like this are one important way that together we will Restore Maine's Future!

Nick Isgro, RMF Executive Director                




Who's signing

Petition to my Representatives and Senators: "No Sanctuary State for ME!"

WHEREAS, the Representative Hickman (D-Winthrop) and Senator Bellows (D-Kennebec) are proposing a bill, LD 1589, to create a sanctuary status for illegal aliens across the state of Maine; and

WHEREAS, this would prevent law enforcement agencies in Maine from pursuing any investigation or detainment of a person solely for immigration enforcement purposes; and

WHEREAS, LD 1589 would endanger Maine citizens by refusing to work with outside agencies including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security; and

WHEREAS, information gathered from the arrest of Maine citizens is considered public information under current law; and

WHEREAS, LD 1589 exempts illegal aliens and other foreign persons from having their arrest information made public, thereby affording them new special and exclusionary rights over Maine citizens under the law; and

WHEREAS, this new law exposes Maine citizens to dangerous and wanted criminal aliens while undermining the citizenry of our state;

NOW THEREFORE, on behalf of the citizens of Maine, natural born or otherwise, I urge you to vote "NO!" on any new law that gives special rights to foreign persons or that limits law enforcement from enforcing the rule of law both here in our state and the nation.

Will you sign?