Which Way From Here, Maine?



When Governor Mills released her initial budget proposal in February, there may have been sticker shock at the one-billion-dollar increase based on the rosiest of revenue projections but it was certainly not overly surprising. The governor's budget does exactly what she promised her voters and campaign contributors it would do. While we should be having a discussion across the state as to the long term sustainability of an $8 billion biannual budget, the new government in Augusta has gone out of its way to ensure that Mills' budget has become a footnote in what has turned into a battle for the heart and soul of our state.

In February, Representative Dean Rykerson (D-Kittery) introduced a carbon tax that would have placed a $0.40 per gallon tax on Mainer's heating fuel and gasoline. That means that already marginalized Mainers would have had to keep the thermostats down even lower in Maine's sub-zero winters, and traveling on Maine's crumbling roads during already long commutes would have become more expensive. Fortunately, we were there with yellow vests on and joined by a large coalition of citizens from around the state and stopped the tax. This was, however, just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Other bills introduced in recent weeks have included taxpayer funded abortion and end of life suicide-by-injection to put Maine citizens on notice that a culture that values their lives no longer has a foothold in Augusta. Instead of creating policies that help Maine families grow and thrive, bills have instead been introduced to increase lucrative welfare benefits for illegal aliens and asylum seekers to attract more third world migrants to Maine as well as legislation that would make Maine a "sanctuary state" that safe harbors dangerous criminal aliens. 

If the aforementioned were not sinister enough, imagine adding tax-funded heroin injection sites for Mainers to have easy access to their poison while an opiate lobbyist has been charged with "fixing" this epidemic by sending millions more dollars to the very companies that created this problem and placing their products in vending machines. 

Other policies include more taxes on heating fuel and gasoline, government forced vaccinations by the destruction of religious freedom, the proposed confiscation of Maine's shoreline property by the state, unconstitutional gun confiscations, and a back-room deal with Spanish-owned CMP to clear-cut our wilderness for an energy corridor that will supply Massachusetts with power while Mainers continue paying skyrocketed energy prices to satisfy the wind and solar lobbies and subsidize the purchase of new electric cars for wealthy elites.

In a recent interview, Rep. Rachel Talbot Ross (D-Portland) stated that the founding of America was a "hate crime." Is this the mindset of politicians in Augusta that are using their new-found power to radicalize Maine's government as a weapon against the people? Is this why rather than working to revive our heritage industries, grow Maine families, and lower our energy costs they have instead slashed the notice time on public hearings in an attempt to excommunicate the people of Maine from participating in the political process?

Our forefathers, the brave men and women who built the State of Maine through grit, integrity, and determination for a better life for their children and grandchildren would not want us to sit idly by while our values and way of life are under the greatest attack in the history of our state. It's time the people of Maine sent a clear message to the lobbyists, special interests, and political elites that seek to destroy our state while leaving our people in the wake that this is our state, not theirs. 

In our form of government all power still rests with the people. Will you step up and take it?

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